Friday, March 18, 2011

WoW Fishing with the Wiimote

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Those with a Wii Remote ("Wiimote") may be interested to know that it can be configured to be used as a fishing pole. The method requires a Bluetooth adapter, GlovePIE, and Chris Heald's script (see Appendix). Suddenly fishing becomes a lot more interactive, as can be seen from this movie.

Happyclapper posted these instructions for setting up the Wiimote for fishing (edited slightly):
  1. Hardware needed: You will need a bluetooth adapter on your computer, and a Wii remote.
  2. Software needed:
  3. Connecting the Wii remote to the PC [using a programme such as BlueSoleil].
  4. Getting GlovePie to work: Download and unzip all the files for GlovePie to a suitable location. Copy and paste Chris Heald's fishing script into Notepad and save it as WowFishing.pie (change the .txt extension to .pie) in the same location as the GlovePie files. Now it is a simple task of running the GlovePie executable, opening the Wowfishing.pie and hitting the run button in GlovePie.
  5. Configuring WoW: The only thing now needed is to bind the action button your fishing skill is on to Shift-F, and turn off auto-loot.
  6. Put your feet up and start fishing: To cast hold down the A button and cast with the remote. Use the Nunchuk joystick to position the cursor over the float as you would with the mouse. When you get a bite just jerk the remote up to reel it in and auto loot. By holding down the Nunchuk buttons you can use the joystick to change the camera view, and can zoom in and out with the + and - buttons.

A similar application is available for iPhones.

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